past HIST 485 topics

This is a list of recent HIST 485 research papers in Russian and Soviet history written by history majors at the University of Mary Washington.

Fall 2008:

Emely V. Amaya, “Vladimir Putin: Moving Russia Forward with Traditional Values”

Irene A. Switzer, “Evolution of a Nation: National Awakening of the Former Soviet Socialist Republic of Georgia from 1956 to 1991”

Spring 2008:

Kyle M. McLean, “‘Nationalist in Form, Socialist in Content:’ Nation-Building and Localized Propaganda in Soviet Central Asia, 1917-1928”

Fall 2007:

Catherine E. Dexter, “The Unorthodox Russian Church: A New Approach to the Origins of Peter the Great’s Church Reforms”

Matthew C. Long, “The Value and Perceptions of European Travel Accounts of Peter the Great and St. Petersburg, 1703-1725”

Lauren R. Lusk, “Molding the Soviet Mind: Daily Tactics of Social Collectivization in Magnitogorsk”

Megan R. McCrum, “The Resurrection of Religion in Soviet Russia: A Result of Bolshevik Utilitarianism”

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