HIST 485 topic ideas

HIST 485: historical research and writing

This page features suggested topics for HIST 485 research papers, specifically in modern Russian history with particular emphasis on the late imperial and Soviet periods. More broadly, HIST 485 is the capstone research and writing course that all history majors at the University of Mary Washington undertake in partial fulfillment of the major. Each history major works individually with one member of our faculty as his or her adviser on this major project of original historical research, which includes a paper proposal, a literature review, and the final 30-40 page paper. For more information on this course, see http://www.umw.edu/cas/history/history_department_resourc/final_papers/current_485_syllabus.php.

UMW history majors research and write their HIST 485 projects in all fields of history. The topics described below are geared toward projects in Russian history that students can research using the English-language primary sources featured on this blog. In most cases, I have suggested the types of primary sources students may want to consider using for a particular topic. Most of these primary sources are available at the UMW library or through its website; on the web; or in the libraries and archives of the DC region.

While the topics below are intended for research and writing projects along the lines of a HIST 485 paper, they are also suitable for shorter projects, such as term papers for Russian history courses.

Do you have a Russian history research topic you would like to suggest?

Ever had a brilliant research topic idea come to mind, but no time to pursue it? Let someone else know about it and research it! If you would like to suggest a research topic in Russian history that students can undertaken using English-language sources, simply post a comment to this page describing the topic and the kinds of primary sources a student could use in researching it. Suggested topics that are approved and edited (by me) will be added to this page. If you wish to be credited for your suggested topic, please say so and include your name in your comment. If you do not wish to be credited, say so as well.

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